Dec 11

An Academic Course for Transitioning Veterans

Student-veterans are not new to the college campus landscape. Following WWII, student-veteran enrollments rose dramatically accounting for 49% of all college enrollments in 1947 (DVA, n.d), due largely to the newly enacted Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944 or GI Bill. The GI Bill has changed very little over the decades since its enactment in 1944, …

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Nov 24

Proposed Changes to Army Tuition Assistance

The proposed changes to Army Tuition Assistance are counter-intuitive to many of the programs the Army has implemented in recent years. First, The College of the American Soldier Program, which includes within it a program called the Enlisted Education Program, was developed to provide first-term Soldiers the opportunity to earn an Associate’s Degree during their …

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Mar 10

Service Members Lose Tuition Assistance

On March 7th, 2013 a message was sent out by the G-1 of the Army informing field leaders that effective 1700hrs (5:00pm) EST on Friday the 8th of March, tuition assistance benefits would be suspended to all members of the Army, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard due to the budget constraints of Sequestration.  This …

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Mar 26

Veteran’s Education and as a Community of Practitioners (CoPs)


Greetings fellow Veterans, and those who are passionate about helping Veterans in the field of Education! This week’s post focuses on two concepts within the field of higher education that can assist the veteran or those helping veterans within Higher Education.  Those two concepts are Communities of Practice (CoPs), and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).  The …

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Mar 19

Welcome to YOUR Site!

Greetings fellow Veterans!  In the days and weeks to come, this will be the place to network and obtain information on how to navigate the college admissions process, maximize your GI Bill Benefits, and help you determine just what it is you want to do when you transition from the military.

Mar 19

Hello world!

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